Fairytales, just not like Granny told you....

Matilda Award 2018 for Best Sound Design/Composition

Three unlikely princesses open the genie bottle with this darkly seductive and wickedly funny cabaret that will turn your favourite bedtime stories inside out. Babushka give Rapunzel a sharp new haircut, put Goldilocks in charge of the three bears and give a whole new meaning to Puss in Boots! 

Combining off-the-wall banter, stunning voices and blind-siding arrangements, prepare to be tickled and prickled, as you’re led down the veritable forest path into a witch’s pot of surprising melodies from The Turtles, Beyonce, Rihanna and Lorde, to Kurt Weill, Kate Bush, Metallica and Sam The Sham.

Happily Ever After toured to 20 venues in Queensland in 2018.

Photography by Joel Devereaux; styling Penny Challen


Conceived and created by Babushka - Alicia Cush, Bethan Ellsmore, Judy Hainsworth & Luke Volker 
Designer - Penny Challen 
Musical Director - Luke Volker 
Creative Consultants - Trevor Jones & Annie Lee 
Creative Assistant - Kamara Henricks 

 Little Match Productions and Babushka are supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.