Contemporary music-driven comedy cabaret 

The dynamos of Babushka are your new favourite night out. Slinging musical innovations, quirky comedy and unapologetic sass, these chanteuses are a whole lot of Tina Fey meets Meow Meow with a pinch of Broad City and a dash of Tripod. Babushka are three drastically different divas who are flirtatious, cheeky and boast a set of unmatchable pipes. Their unique arrangements, musical sketches and mashups have garnered acclaim from classical music nerds and indie rock buffs alike. The ladies of Babushka will lambast their audience with raunchy wit, sly humour and fabulous vocals leaving everyone wanting more.  

"Complete with captivating harmonies and group synchronicity, the cabaret collective was tight, professional and extremely enthralling."  -  SCENESTR

Babushka - Alicia Cush, Laura Coutts & Judy Hainsworth

Photographs by Nick Morrissey, Joel Devereaux, Dylan Evans; Styled by Penny Challen

The Babushka Book Club

Right To Party

I Can Keep A Secret

Happily Ever After