Want to be part of our Little Critters Choir?

Join Owl and Pussycat these school holidays and learn the song Honey. Record your version and send it to us so that you can be part of our very first Little Critters Choir music video! Watch this video and follow the instructions. Don't forget to warm up your singing voice with our warm-up videos first so you can sing along with your best and brightest singing voice!

To record yourself you will need:

• A costume (optional): Dress up as your favourite animal. Try making it yourself! We love using cereal boxes, old clothes and things you can find around the house. You can also find our Owl and Pussycat DIY mask downloads here

• 2 x devices: We recommend an iPad or laptop to watch the video with and a smartphone that you can record your performance on. 

• Headphones: You will need to plug these into the device you are watching this video from so you can hear us, but we only hear you in your recording. 

When you are happy with your recording, send it to this link.  We will announce closing date soon!  

Printable instructions can be found here