The magic of Mozart meets the thrill of Jumanji in this enchanting musical adventure for the whole family.

In a creaky attic, four friends discover an ancient book: an opera score. From its dusty pages, music pours out as if by magic. What other mysteries hide within its pages? The friends are drawn into playing out the story they find inside: a tale of lost princes and adventurous princesses, sun gods and queens of the night, friendly bird watchers and enchanted instruments. After searching the attic for the costumes and props to enact the story, Felix, Thomas, Juliet and Sarah begin an exciting musical journey. Along the way, they call on the “birds of the forest” – the audience – for help, and discover the joy of music, friendship and imagination. 

It is a delightful 50-minute acoustic musical production for children aged 3- 8 years, offering a high-quality and intimate theatrical experience for young audiences. Originally created for the EU and following European success, Little Match is proud to bring this work to Queensland and help tune in little ears to quality music. 

This re-imagining is an innovative combination of newly-composed music and Mozart’s original exquisite score. Directed by Heather Fairbairn, the three singers and pianist engage the audience in participatory, accessible and kinesthetic means.